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democracy made easy

I believe the voting process and being involved in our democracy should be made as easy as possible. Please take advantage of the voter resources below to see who is representing you in Jefferson City and to make sure you have a voting plan on election day!

Your State Districts

Discover each Missouri District you live in here!

Your elected officials

See who represents you here!

district 16

Missouri’s 16th House District is located west of Liberty and north of Gladstone. It includes parts of the Liberty and North Kansas City Public School systems, as well as the Maple Woods Metropolitan Community College. The 16th is home to Hodge Park and the Staley Farms, Shoal Creek, and Hodge Park golf courses.

This District is home to 27,859 registered voters and our team here in the 16th is working hard to contact each and every one of you. I encourage everyone to vote and to be an active part of our democracy here in the Northland.

your voting plan

Primary Election Day: August 4th, 2020 / General Election Day: November 3rd, 2020

1. Make Sure You Are Registered
If you are registering for the first time or want to check on your registration status, you can do so here!

2. Your Polling Location
Discover or confirm your polling location here!

3. Your Voting Checklist
First, circle August 4th and November 3rd in your calendars. These are Missouri’s primary and general election days. Second, make a plan for each day on how you will travel to your polling location, OR vote from home by requesting a mail-in ballot or an absentee ballot. (The deadline to request to vote from home for the Primary is July 22).  Last, encourage your family and friends to do the same. See you at the polls!

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